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Satellite Internet delivers service from space. All you need is a satellite dish and a modem, and your Internet signal is sent to satellites that orbit the Earth at the same speed as its rotation.

Pros and cons of Satellite Internet


Your satellite is its own hub, which means you can take it with you if you move. This is also good for people who live in remote locations, such as rural communities, desert or mountain locations, or islands.


While satellite Internet can deliver broadband speeds, it is slower than most other connections, except for dial-up. Plans are also subject to data caps, which can reduce speeds even further.


Satellite Internet is the best option for people who need Internet in remote locations and communities, providing them a broadband option where cable and fiber wires don’t reach.

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FAQ’s about Satellite Internet

Is satellite Internet fast enough for Netflix?
Yes! Satellite internet used to be very slow, but better technology has improved speeds. Satellite Internet can not only get broadband speeds, but you can stream Netflix and even play online video games.
Does rain or wind affect a satellite Internet connection?
Weather used to create issues for satellite transmission when it was done on K-band. However, most satellites today transmit on Ku-band, which can pierce weather events such as cloud cover and rain. Your satellite installation should keep your connection from being affected by wind. As long as your satellite has a clear view of the Southern sky, you should get a signal.
Can I install my own satellite?
Legally, satellites must be installed by a certified technician, but installation is usually free when you sign up.

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