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Brightspeed is a new provider with a large existing network, offering customers a planned transition from DSL to fiber

Brightspeed is a brand-new ISP that started its internet service to customers in October 2022. Brightspeed bought out many networks previously owned by CenturyLink. That purchase instantly made Brightspeed the 12th-largest ISP in the U.S. [1]

The company’s mission is to bring fiber internet to as many customers as possible, as soon as possible. Brightspeed currently has gigabit fiber service up and running in six states. The internet provider plans to build out fiber to an impressive 3 million locations in the next five years [2].

Brightspeed’s goal to provide fiber to underserved areas is a worthy one. By creating more lightning-fast fiber infrastructure for those who don’t currently have access, Brightspeed will bring opportunity to at least 20 states in the Midwest, South, and on the East Coast. Customers will have ample support for remote jobs and responsive, smooth access to thousands of educational options online.

All Brightspeed customers get the advantages of unlimited data and no contracts. Brightspeed also offers competitive, transparent pricing for their fiber plans. If customers are still on DSL, they will have to be patient with slower speeds while they wait for the fiber to arrive. The good news is that fiber is coming soon, based on the buildout plans.

Attractive, transparent pricing for fast fiber speeds No data caps or contracts, free premium modem with fiber plans Rapid fiber buildout in progress
Some customers on DSL will wait for fiber buildout Slower speeds for DSL service New company still building operations



Brightspeed offers a very good deal on fiber internet with simple and straightforward pricing

One of Brightspeed’s real strengths is transparent pricing. Currently, there are no data caps, and no required contracts, which means you won’t get hidden fees popping up on your monthly bills as you will with many other ISPs. Brightspeed internet plan prices are excellent for fiber internet. The best part is that there are no surprise price hikes after promotional rates, which is standard practice with other providers. With Brightspeed Fiber, you can count on consistent pricing that gives you a lot of speed for a very attractive monthly cost.

Brightspeed DSL pricing is not quite as good a deal because a DSL user’s internet speed and performance will be so much lower. But Brightspeed DSL may still be your best option if you have no other available cable or fiber providers in your area.

Brightspeed is an active supporter of the federal Affordable Connectivity Program. If you qualify for the program, which offers payment assistance for lower-income households, Brightspeed will match your ACP payment assistance. This very unusual benefit will result in your internet service being free of charge or almost free.

Reliability and Performance


Brightspeed Fiber will offer premium gigabit speed and reliability, but DSL performance will vary

If Brightspeed Fiber is available in your area, you will be getting fiber’s well-known gigabit speeds as well as a fiber connection that doesn’t slow down or glitch. Brightspeed Fiber will equip you for any internet activities you like, including online gaming, videoconferencing, and HD streaming on multiple devices. Like most fiber connections, Brightspeed will give you symmetrical upload and download speeds—an amazing advance over previous technologies.

If Brightspeed is still offering DSL in your area, your performance and speed will vary depending on your location. Your download speed and your upload speed with a DSL connection will be slower than with fiber internet. You also may have higher latency than you will with fiber or cable. You can check your actual speed with our internet speed test.

In many areas where Brightspeed offers DSL, there is no fiber or cable option yet. So Brightspeed may still be your best bet. You can order DSL and look forward to your turn on Brightspeed’s fiber installation list. And with the rapid pace of their planned fiber expansion, you might be next!

Equipment, Installation and Bonus Features


Brightspeed offers advanced Wi-Fi in combo modem/router

If you order a Brightspeed Fiber plan, you will get free access to a premium Wi-Fi modem with Wi-Fi 6 technology. That advanced capability will give you 3 to 4 times faster connectivity. The modem will have greater data capacity and support extended battery life for in-home devices. (Your devices will need to be compatible with Wi-Fi 6 in order to perform at this higher level.)

Modems that might come with your package would include the Actiontec C3000A, the Axon C4000, the Zyxel C4000, and the Zyxel C3000Z [3].

For some other Brightspeed plans, you may pay a $15/month equipment rental fee for your combo modem and router. Installation fees will also vary with your plan. You will get free installation for a DSL self-install or a technician installation of higher-speed fiber packages. A technician installation for DSL or a first-tier fiber plan will require a one-time $99 fee.

Customer Experience & Support


Brightspeed’s customer support is too new to rate

Brightspeed is so new that with less than a year of company history, our staff doesn’t feel it’s possible yet to assign a rating for Brightspeed customer support.

What we do know: Brightspeed provides a 24/7 chat interface for support as well as a helpline. The company also has a website with resources and FAQs to assist with simple questions.

Some helpful features on the website include a troubleshooting & outage check, a tracker to tell you where your technician is, and a service appointment manager. A “quick bill pay” function will come in handy too.

Brightspeed’s online reviews from customers indicate some bumps in the road for customers during the transition from CenturyLink to Brightspeed. The issues were related primarily to the legacy DSL, which in a few locations was more prone to outages. The Brightspeed Fiber network is very strong and is now producing a lot of customer satisfaction.

With their rapid fiber buildout and commitment to customer service, we recommend Brightspeed as a good choice for your internet service, both now and for the future.


Where can I order Brightspeed service?
To order or learn more, call the number on this page or visit
Does Brightspeed have data caps?
Brightspeed does not impose data caps on its internet service. You can enjoy unlimited data usage without worrying about any restrictions or additional charges.
Which Brightspeed modems are available for Fiber installations?
Brightspeed offers several no-cost modem options for fiber installations, including premium Wi-Fi 6-capable modems. These modems are optimized to deliver the fiber connection into your home and come with remote network support from the Brightspeed customer success team. Newer fiber installations may include the Calix Wi-Fi router and mesh Wi-Fi extenders at no additional charge.
Can I use my own Wi-Fi router with Brightspeed Fiber?

Yes, you can choose to provide your own Wi-Fi router if it meets certain specifications, such as maximum bandwidth capability equal to your purchased internet speed, a 1 Gbps Ethernet WAN port, DHCP to obtain a WAN IP Address, the same or newer Wi-Fi technology as your connected devices, accurate auto-channel selection, and firewall support. However, by using your own router, you won't get the benefits of using a Brightspeed modem, such as built-in security features and technical support from the Fiber Customer Success Team.

How do I restart my Brightspeed modem/router for troubleshooting connection problems?
Restarting your modem/router (gateway) is often the first step in troubleshooting connection problems. You can simply unplug it for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
Does Brightspeed offer special programs for low-income customers?
Brightspeed provides special programs to support low-income customers. They offer affordable internet options and participate in initiatives like the Affordable Connectivity Program to ensure that everyone has access to reliable and affordable internet service. Your customer support rep can help you set up your ACP benefit if you qualify.
Is Brightspeed building out new fiber infrastructure?

Yes, Brightspeed is actively expanding its fiber infrastructure to provide high-speed internet access to more areas. They are committed to improving connectivity and delivering reliable fiber-optic internet service to customers. For specific information about the availability of fiber in your location, please contact the Brightspeed customer support team.

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January 2022
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December 2020
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