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Viasat delivers quality satellite internet with good range of prices and speeds

Viasat is one of three major U.S. satellite internet providers, the other two being HughesNet and Starlink [1].

The chief advantage of satellite internet is its wide availability. If you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky, you can get satellite internet access at your home. People in rural and remote areas have relied on satellite internet for decades. Satellite internet can also be a great backup plan for small businesses in the event of severe outages for cable or fiber internet. 

Satellite internet service does have some unique characteristics based on its technology. It will be more expensive than most other forms of internet service. Your internet connection with satellite will be slower than with cable or fiber. But with Viasat’s new satellite just launched and more new satellites on the way, you will get faster speeds than satellite has ever offered before.

Viasat and HughesNet have dominated the U.S. satellite internet market for years. Starlink is a newcomer from Elon Musk’s SpaceX [2]. Though Starlink shows promise, it is still too new to have a trusted operational track record. There are long wait lists for Starlink in some areas [3].

Viasat, by contrast, will get your internet up and running in an average of 3-5 days. Viasat also offers unlimited standard data and high data allowances for high-speed data.

Wide coverage means 99% of U.S. households can get satellite internet Unlimited standard data Higher speeds than other satellite providers
Slower than fiber or cable internet Higher latency or “ping” Can experience temporary “rain fade” during heavy rain or snow



Viasat offers a variety of price points and speeds to fit your budget

Viasat offers much higher speeds than its longtime competitor, HughesNet. While HughesNet only offers download speeds up to 25 Mbps, Viasat offers download speeds up to 150 Mbps in select areas.

For the first-tier Viasat internet plan at 12 Mbps download speed, you will pay an introductory price of about $50/month.. For the 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload plan, you will start with a $70/month charge. These Viasat internet plan prices are comparable to HughesNet prices and cheaper than Starlink prices.

Viasat features many more plan options than HughesNet, and much higher allowances for monthly high-speed data. All Viasat plans come with unlimited standard data, so you don’t have to worry about overage charges. And where HughesNet will only grant you up to 200 GB of monthly high-speed data, Viasat has plans that go up to 500 GB/month. To give you a rough idea of how much data that is, you can watch about 500 hours of HD movie streaming with 500 GB.

The highest data plans from both HughesNet and Viasat will cost you more, of course. The 200 GB plan from HughesNet is $150/month. The 500 GB plan from Viasat is $300/month. But as you can see from comparing those prices, Viasat’s top plan gives you more for your dollar. And if you just really need a lot of high-speed data, Viasat is the clear choice.

Be aware that like HughesNet, Viasat requires a two-year contract. If you cancel early, you will pay an early termination fee. You can get a no-contract plan for a non-refundable upfront payment of $500.

Viasat has also launched plans called “Liberty” plans, which have free, unlimited data from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. “Choice” plans are on the way with a slightly different pricing structure as well, deploying as the new satellite begins service. So Viasat customers will have no shortage of options. You can type in your zip code here at to see details of all the Viasat plans available to you.

If you work from home, you have a great new option from Viasat. Viasat Office Hours is an optional service that allows you to use standard work-related applications from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time without consuming any of your High-Speed plan data. You will be able to use Google, Office 365, Adobe programs, Sharepoint, Zoom, MS Teams, and many other popular applications. Viasat Office Hours is currently available for an additional $40/month, and many employers may be willing to reimburse you for the plan given its exclusive business focus. Office Hours is a pricing offer unique to Viasat, and could be a game changer for remote workers.

Reliability and Performance


Viasat delivers fast, reliable internet with ever-improving technology

Viasat recently launched the ViaSat-3 Americas satellite, which will increase bandwidth and speed for Viasat customers [4]. The Viasat fleet will continue to grow in 2023 and 2024, keeping Viasat at the head of the industry in geosynchronous satellite technology.

You’ll get a solid, reliable internet connection from Viasat. 

Keep in mind that the military uses satellite internet for their operations. That’s because satellite internet survives in circumstances when cable or fiber internet might be out for days or weeks. Satellite internet can’t be harmed by an earthly accident, a weather catastrophe, or an attack on wired infrastructure. So in that sense, satellite internet is more reliable than wired internet. That’s why Viasat offers special “backup internet” plans for small businesses to minimize service disruption from outages.

It’s true that heavy rain or snow can sometimes cause “rain fade,” which is a weakening or interruption in the satellite internet signal. But rain fade is only temporary. 

The one caveat about your Viasat internet speed is that your maximum speed will vary depending on where you live. Your plan options can vary from 12 Mbps to 150 Mbps download speed. That’s a wide range, but your speed may be better than DSL in many instances. Upload speeds from Viasat will remain consistent for all plans at about 3 Mbps.

Equipment, Installation and Bonus Features


Viasat equipment: buy upfront or take option of monthly rental fee

If you want to buy your Viasat dish and modem/router upfront, it will cost you $299. That will save you some money if you don’t have to pay the monthly rental fee of $13 for two years. 

For customers whose credit scores qualify, installation is free. But all others will pay a $100 installation fee.

Customer Experience & Support


Viasat’s customer satisfaction average, but 24/7 customer support is strong

On many popular online review sites, Viasat tends to score slightly above average for customer satisfaction. When customers are not satisfied, their comments are often related to the innate differences of satellite technology. It’s true that satellite speeds cannot approach the speeds of cable or fiber.

That’s why it’s not too surprising that Viasat has some customers online who are not happy that their speeds are not fast enough. But it’s hard to get a more objective read on overall customer satisfaction, because Viasat does not appear in the J.D. Power 2022 Survey of Residential Internet Service Customer Satisfaction.

Viasat does provide extensive online and phone support, with live reps available 24/7 to help with any issues. The online resource library is clear and on target with common types of information that customers might need.

Viasat also has a convenient online portal called My Viasat to manage any aspect of your service. My Viasat also works through an app that you can download on your smartphone.

The EasyCare service may also be worth the $9/month you will pay to have all your service calls covered ($95), a dish relocation covered ($200), and premium customer support with the dedicated EasyCare line.


Where can I order Viasat internet service?

To order or learn more, call the number on this page or visit

How does Viasat internet work? 

Viasat internet uses a modem and dish system to transmit user requests to satellites, which then connect to a gateway station on the ground network.

Where is Viasat internet available?

Viasat internet covers all 50 states of the United States as well as Canada.

What are the advantages of Viasat internet over DSL or LTE services?

Viasat internet frequently offers faster speeds compared to DSL or LTE services.

Can I stream HD videos with Viasat internet?

Yes, Viasat’s data plans and speed will allow you to stream HD videos.

How is data usage measured with Viasat internet?

Data usage with Viasat internet is measured in gigabytes, and your monthly allowance for high-speed data can vary from 60 GB to 500 GB.

Is gaming possible with Viasat internet?

Gaming is possible on Viasat internet, but performance may vary depending on the game and latency issues. Real-time games are not recommended due to their high data consumption and issues with latency.

Viasat Customers Reviews





Overall Rating

The customer service is ok. The problem is the connection is horrible. Barely 5mbs download speeds and I pay an exorbitant fee of $150 a month. It's ridiculous and I can't wait until Spectrum brings fiber optic cable through here. I'm immediately switching over and canceling Viasat.
Ophelia Hill from Ocala, FL
September 2023
We are new to Viasat but compared to our previous service provider it is great. It is pricey for senior citizens on a fixed income, even with the gov 30$ credit.
Cathy Roche from Chipley, FL
September 2023
Michael J from Frankston, TX
September 2023
The Installation Technician was the absolute Best, very professional, kept our family up to date on his arrival, explained everything and did not mind questions. Would rate this Technician the highest rating possible
GY H from March Air Reserve Base, CA
September 2023
Been waiting for the rest of my equipment from the technician. However the communication wasn't completely cleared about installation. But its up and really no different between high speed vs reg. Sleed
Sarah from Gainesville, TX
September 2023
Desmond M from San Augustine, TX
September 2023
I was hoping that Viasat was going to provide better internet than I had with ATT & Hughes Net. Unfortunately, the service is as slow as they were. I keep losing connection (clear skies/no rain). The price is higher than the other companies without better service. I really hate to leave a bad review but I am just being honest.
Maria J from Rutherfordton, NC
September 2023
The service we are receiving is not at all the service we signed up for. Bait and switch.
Anthony D from Columbia, MO
September 2023
Quick service. Internet is working good
Terry B from Clifton, TX
September 2023
Guadalupe C from Tucson, AZ
September 2023
Technician could have been trained mechanically a little more when installing the satellite, but was well trained technically when installing the modem and router, He was very personable and polite.
Deidra H from Benton, MS
September 2023
Imrovement over Hughes Net
Donna E from Apple Springs, TX
September 2023
Amanda N from El Paso, TX
September 2023
Lower price for the speed would be better
Margarita L from Kaufman, TX
September 2023
La’ Toya Broughton from Tyler, TX
September 2023
Plans are not very budget friendly
Elvia P from Valley Center, CA
September 2023
Overall, pleased so far with the Viasat internet. We needed to upgrade as we used more data than expected. My work computer is a little slow but it's through Citrix so I'm not surprised by that. TV streaming has been working well.
Lisa H from Overland Park, KS
September 2023
even with the high speed its still very slow and sometimes it dosen't even work.
Julie from Helendale, CA
September 2023
Mark L from Desert Hot Springs, CA
September 2023
Service technician did not appear to be the most competent installer and did not explain use of the 5g and2.4g wifi/lan.
ALBERT C from Clifton, TX
September 2023
Everything is working great!
Charles M from Bryan, TX
September 2023
Lose connectivity consistently.
Jeff M from Athens, TX
September 2023
Internet still buffers, it is also more expensive than others with more gigs.
Erica R from Trinidad, TX
September 2023
It's ok
Desiree from Oracle, AZ
September 2023
The Internet works fine, but the price is just horrible ! you will get charged a arm and leg and the service is just decent not high speed
Blake Bennett from Woodville, TX
September 2023
no additional comments
Karen T from Overton, TX
September 2023
I lost my wfh job due to poor internet service that the company advertised as being so much better than what it actually is.
Miracle J from Kaufman, TX
September 2023
Great internet provider
Latesha W from Gibsland, LA
September 2023
Good customer service
Dillon P from Conroe, TX
September 2023
Don't use this service, they do not care what you have going on. Couldn't even connect to the internet for school. 300GB was gone in 2 in a half weeks.
Charmiya J from Forney, TX
September 2023
Renee Duran from Burley, ID
October 2022
Maia Joyce from Brainerd, MN
January 2022
Matthew Clark from Unknown, LA
May 2021
Georgina Strickland from Unknown, TN
May 2020
Imogen O'Donnell from Tulsa, OK
January 2020