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New kid on the block: Fidium Fiber offers good pricing, fast fiber

Fidium Fiber is a new fiber internet service provider that launched in late 2021. Fidium Fiber is currently available in 8 states: California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont [1].

Prices are good for all Fidium Fiber plans, with their lowest-priced plan starting at 50 Mbps. Maximum speeds go up to 2 Gigs at monthly prices that are very competitive for that level of speed. A Wi-Fi 6 gateway rental is included with the monthly fee, and Fidium Fiber requires no contracts or data caps

Great prices including an “essential” plan that is priced for smaller budgets Fast symmetrical speeds up to 2 Gigs Free installation and equipment loan
Only available in 8 states Limited company track record due to newness to industry Mixed user reviews for customer service
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Fidium Fiber’s pricing is simple, transparent, and matches other best deals

Fidium Fiber offers prices that are good across the board, with no hidden fees. The entry-level plan starting at a promotional rate of $35/month may seem slow by fiber’s usual standards, as it offers just 50 Mbps download and upload speeds. But for families on tight budgets, this is one of the most affordable first-tier plan prices you’ll find in the industry. After the promotional period of one year, the price rises to just $55/month. With those symmetrical speeds, you will get very good internet performance for activities such as videoconferencing, even at only 50 Mbps.

Fidium Fiber’s faster speed plans are also good deals. Starting at $70-85/month for a year for 1 gigabit speeds, then moving to $95/month for 2 Gigs, these are fiber prices that can compete with any other fiber pricing nationwide.

Best of all, you will get transparent, simple pricing from Fidium Fiber that is much easier to understand than the complex pricing of many other ISPs.

Fidium Fiber requires no contracts, no bundling, and no data caps. That means you won’t face bills with unexpected overage charges or early termination fees. You also won’t have the usual $100 installation cost for new internet, as Fidium Fiber offers free professional installation. And Fidium Fiber will include the use of a modem/router with your monthly plan price.

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Reliability and Performance


Fidium Fiber brings fiber’s speed and reliability to new service areas

Fidium Fiber offers to bring you symmetrical speeds between 50 Mbps and 2000 Mbps depending on your plan. That’s great news if you live in a town that hasn’t had fiber internet before. For example, fiber internet is often not available in rural states such as Maine and Vermont. But Fidium Fiber continues to build fiber infrastructure in those states to add more towns to its coverage area [2].

Some Fidium Fiber customers have said that they are not getting their promised speeds, but others report being very satisfied [3]. If you have any doubts, you can test your actual speed here to see what kind of performance your current internet connection is giving you.

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Equipment, Installation and Bonus Features


Free installation, free equipment loan with Fidium Fiber internet plans

Several fiber ISPs will offer you good promotional prices and no contracts. They may even offer no data caps, as Fidium Fiber does. But very few ISPs also offer free installation for all their plans. The free installation for Fidium Fiber is a nice touch that means you don’t have to invest up front to get Fidium Fiber.

Fidium Fiber will give you free use of a Wi-Fi 6 Gateway and a whole-home Attune Wi-Fi app that will allow you to control all your devices. If you have smart home devices, the app will be especially useful. But it’s also nice to have a network management app when you want to adjust your settings without logging in to your router.

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Customer Experience & Support


Reviews are mixed for Fidium Fiber’s customer service and operations

Fidium Fiber doesn’t yet have a large enough customer base to qualify for one of the major national customer satisfaction reviews such as the J.D. Power Survey. Fidium Fiber does have over 1 million fiber passings (or potential connections for customers) thanks to its buildout. But Fidium Fiber is still a relatively small provider, reporting approximately 123,000 fiber broadband customers at the end of 2022 [4].

Even though Fidium Fiber doesn’t yet show up in major national surveys, you can still find a number of user reviews online in various forums. A casual scan shows the usual bumps in the road for a new provider without a long history of successful operations. 

Some customers say they do not get their service installed quickly and don’t get satisfactory responses from the company. Others say they don’t get promised speeds. But an equal number seem to feel that they are getting a better deal for their money and better performance than with their previous providers [5]. This is not a big enough sampling to provide an objective overview, so we’re going to suggest a likelihood rather than draw any lasting conclusions.

Overall, it seems likely that Fidium Fiber is providing good service to many customers, but still ironing out kinks in its operations, staffing, and support. By next year, there should be more data to show whether Fidium Fiber has lifted its service to a high enough level to satisfy most customers.

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Where can I order Fidium Fiber internet service?

To order or learn more, call the number on this page or visit

What is Gigabit internet?

Gigabit internet refers to extremely fast internet speeds. Fidium Fiber internet offers upload and download speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second (2000 megabits per second). This means you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, smooth gaming, seamless video calls, and speedy software updates for your devices.

Is Gigabit internet worth it and do I need it?

Gigabit internet is worth it if you have multiple devices connected to your network, work or take classes online, make video calls, provide tech support for your family's internet issues, have gamers or social media influencers in your household, or use smart home devices. Gigabit fiber internet from Fidium Fiber offers faster speeds, increased reliability, and unlimited virtual bandwidth, making it an excellent choice for those seeking optimal internet performance. 

How can I modify my Fidium Fiber service?

Modifying your Fidium Fiber service is simple. You can easily upgrade, change, or move your service by contacting the Fidium Fiber Insider Portal, which helps you with your billing and services. They will assist you in making the necessary changes to meet your specific needs. 

How can I report a service issue or outage to Fidium Fiber?

If you encounter any service issues or want to report an outage in your area, Fidium Fiber offers quick assistance. You can reach out to their support team through provided channels online or by phone to report the service issue or outage. 

What are the benefits of a dedicated fiber internet connection?

A dedicated fiber internet connection offers numerous benefits. It provides faster speeds and increased reliability compared to other types of internet connections. With fiber internet, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, lag-free gaming, and quick downloads/uploads. Additionally, fiber-optic connections are less susceptible to interference and offer higher bandwidth capacity, making them ideal for businesses that rely on seamless online operations.

What can I do with the Fidium Fiber Attune™ Wi-Fi App?

The Attune™ Wi-Fi App allows you to easily manage your network and connected devices. You can explore various settings and features within the app, such as network access customization, speed tests for accurate results, creating profiles to manage household devices, setting up advanced security features, implementing parental controls, blocking or approving websites, troubleshooting connection issues, and reporting service issues or outages. The app provides a user-friendly interface for convenient network management.

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