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Metronet offers fiber internet’s superior performance with good promotional prices

Metronet is the largest private fiber ISP in the nation, and the tenth-largest fiber provider overall. After a merger in 2022, Metronet now serves customers in over 200 communities in 16 states [1]. Metronet’s map is divided into three major areas: a large swath of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, four contiguous states in the south and southwest including Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, and finally Florida down in the southeast. 

Metronet started in Indiana and built out fiber internet with wired service to neighboring states. And Metronet is continuing an ambitious buildout program, with a goal to build 500,000 fiber passings in 2023 [2].

That’s good news for customers in their coverage area, because Metronet is a very strong internet provider and all of their internet connections are all-fiber (FTTH). Metronet tends to build in areas that lack another fiber provider, which is a win for customers.

Fiber internet brings fast, symmetrical speeds Competitive prices for 2 years No data caps or contracts required
Limited area of coverage Extra fee for tech support Multi-gig plans still rare
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Metronet’s prices start good and stay fair, but there’s a hidden fee

Metronet offers very attractive promotional pricing on the low end of industry rates. Their first-tier plan is only $40/month for the first year, a good 20% lower than some competitors. True, the plan’s speed is slower at 100 Mbps than some rival plans. But with fiber’s symmetrical download and upload speeds, you’re already going to have a lot more speed even at 100 Mbps than you’ll get from many cable or DSL providers.

Two or three other national fiber internet providers offer promotional prices this good. The difference is that Metronet will not raise its prices dramatically when the first year is over. Metronet’s prices will rise only about $10/month at the 12-month mark. For the entry-level plan, $50 will remain the standard price from that point on.

For two of Metronet’s higher-speed plans, you’ll see bigger price hikes at the 2-year point, averaging $20-30 over your original promotional rate. But the 2 Gig plan will only go from $110 to $120 after two years.

But let’s cut to the chase on Metronet pricing. Even for the two mid-speed plans that undergo larger price hikes after the 2-year point, the prices are still no higher than industry averages. So, no matter which Metronet plan you pick, you’ll seemingly get a great deal to begin with, and then a good deal.

There’s just one catch. Unlike many of the other ISPs, Metronet does not offer free tech support. In order to get tech support, you will have to pay $12/month for their program called TechAssure. The fee is not optional. The positive is that all of your technical needs will be taken care of. You will get full service, including any house calls or equipment repair. The negative? Adding $12 to your monthly bill wipes out a lot of the benefit from Metronet’s low promotional and standard pricing.

In Metronet’s favor, the tech support fee will be the only unusual fee on your monthly bill. Because Metronet has no data caps or contracts, you won’t get any surprise overage charges or an early termination fee if you have to cancel your service.

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Reliability and Performance


It’s all-fiber for the win with Metronet

There’s no getting past the fact that an all-fiber connection will give you much more speed and reliability than a cable or DSL internet connection.

One of the great advantages of Metronet is that they deliver all-fiber service, every time. The fiber will run from their main network to the wall of your home. You will get symmetrical speeds, so your download and upload speeds will be the same. For any activities involving streaming, real-time gaming, and large file uploads, fiber is unbeatable.

Fiber offers even more speed and bandwidth for the future. As technology continues to advance with developments such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we will begin to need the kind of bandwidth that only fiber offers. Some fiber providers are already beginning to provide 8 Gigs and 10 gigs for residential customers. Though Metronet still tops out at 5 Gigs, their all-fiber connection will be able to meet your future speed needs.

Fiber has some other benefits too. Fiber connections don’t weaken or slow in bad weather the way satellite or fixed-wireless connections do. And fiber connections are much harder to hack into or tap than a copper cable.

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Equipment, Installation and Bonus Features


No equipment rental fees, low-cost installation with Metronet plans

For all plans up to 2 Gigs, Metronet will provide you with an eero wireless router at no charge [3]. If you are lucky enough to be able to get a 3-5 Gig plan, you will have to provide your own router to handle that level of speed. Metronet suggests a 10GB WAN/LAN compatible router such as the TP Link Archer AXE3000 [4].

Standard installation will only cost you $25 when you order a Metronet fiber internet plan. While this isn’t as good as free installation, it’s a lot cheaper than the usual $99 fee you’ll pay for installation from many ISPs.

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Customer Experience & Support


Metronet customers are usually happy with their internet service

Metronet is another ISP that is too small to qualify for major national surveys of customer satisfaction. That means that estimating customer satisfaction is more an art than an exact science – or at least more qualitative than quantitative.

The good news is that on the whole, online user reviews for Metronet are much more positive than for ISP competitors who offer cable or DSL service. You don’t see some of the angry rants online about Metronet that you will unfortunately see for cable internet and DSL internet. That’s not to say that cable and DSL providers don’t frequently provide good service, because they do. It’s just statistically more likely that you will see customer rants thrown in the mix.

That’s the advantage of all-fiber internet that Metronet is reaping. Again and again, companies that move toward fiber service seem to have happier customers because the networks are newer and the technology is more reliable [5]. And for that reason, we’re going to award 4 stars to Metronet’s customer satisfaction.

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Where can I order Metronet Fiber Internet?

To order or learn more, call the number on this page or visit

What features come with Metronet internet plans?

All Metronet internet plans include an eero wireless router, which enhances your connectivity experience. In addition, they offer WholeHome Wi-Fi, a feature that improves coverage throughout your home to remove dead zones and buffering. This ensures a strong, uninterrupted connection for all your online activities.

How can I find out if Metronet fiber internet is available in my area?

You can check the availability of Metronet fiber internet in your area by entering your zip code here at

Which states have Metronet fiber coverage?

Metronet provides all-fiber coverage in 16 states: Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

What happens after the promotional period for my Metronet internet plan ends?

After the promotional period ends, regular rates will apply for your Metronet internet plan. Those rates can vary by $10-30 from the promotional rates. 

How can I check the speed of my Metronet internet connection?

You can check the speed of your Metronet internet connection with our speed test.

Is Metronet good for gaming?

Yes, fiber internet is the best type of connection for real-time gaming due to its high upload speeds and low latency.

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