How to Save Money on Your Internet Bill

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Finding ways to save money on bills is never a bad thing. Think about all the monthly payments you make, wouldn’t it be nice to reduce costs in utility bills? 

Internet services are not cheap anymore. There are a plethora of options out there for high-speed Internet services that, while still affordable for some, are too expensive for others. 

Internet companies encourage their customers to bundle their services, but not everyone is interested in having cable TV packages or adding a landline to their bundle just to save costs on the Internet connection. 

Internet services are necessary for our everyday lives. We’ve become accustomed to them, we rely on them for work, school, communication, and entertainment. The Internet is basically a part of the family. 

What do you do if an essential service like the Internet becomes too expensive? 

Well, before you cancel all services and decide to live like a caveman, take a deep breath and keep on reading because there are plenty of options available for every financial situation.

You can definitely save money on your Internet bill without having to sacrifice the quality of the Internet or spending all your money on the service. 

Things like shopping around, reading your monthly bill, and exploring options with your Internet provider can give you some relief about the dreaded, but very necessary, expense. 

Don’t be scared to get creative. Reducing the cost of your Internet bill is completely possible and totally doable. 

Reasons Your Internet Bill is High

If you feel like your Internet expenses are making it difficult to stick to a monthly budget, there are a few reasons the Internet bill might get too high. 

  • Equipment
    You might not have realized this, but one of the main reasons Internet bills are so high is because of the equipment. When your Internet provider installs a new connection in your home, they do so with the help of a router. As the customer, you’re actually renting this equipment from your Internet service provider. You don’t own it. The service provider adds this as a cost to you on your monthly bill. Anytime an updated version comes out, your service provider will give you new equipment that might add even more expenses to your monthly bill.
  • Internet Speeds
    Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on your monthly Internet bill, you might enjoy very high-speed Internet that will not only support multiple devices and users at once but also streams in the best qualities and not reduce how quickly your computer can process uploads and downloads.
    However, the higher the speed, the more expensive it is. This is something that’s worth considering, especially if you don’t live in a household that will require the connection of multiple devices or if you live on your own. It’s worth exploring your options about Internet speed if the cost of 900Mbps is hurting your wallet.
  • Wrong Bundle
    Do you really need 1000+ channels and access to all the International soccer matches your fanatic heart can take? The reason Internet service providers are so big on bundling is that it’s a way to reduce the cost of the actual Internet service by including other, not-so-necessary costs into your monthly bill.
    The reality is that most people now stream TV through independent broadband providers. There’s no “need” for cable TV packages. By including them in bundles, service providers entice their customers with an array of channel options that might not be available through one specific app. It’s worth taking a second look at your bundle and seeing if there are any areas in which you could cut costs. 

Creative Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill

Now that you might have a better understanding of why your Internet bill is skyrocketing, it’s time to explore your options for saving money on this very necessary expense. 

  1. Check if You Qualify for a Subsidy

    A lot of customers don’t realize that this is an option, but there are a lot of government programs that have partnered with some of the most popular service providers in order to contribute toward Internet costs. The reason behind this is that the Internet has become so essential in our lives that it’s considered a utility like water, heating, or gas.
    Depending on your particular case, you might qualify for Internet services that could reduce your Internet bill down to $10 per month.
    There are some qualifications you need to meet in order to qualify for the subsidies.

    • Income below $35,000 a year.
    • Live in public housing.
    • Participation in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program.
    • Participation in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  2. Buy a Router
    As mentioned earlier, whenever you start a new Internet plan with a new service provider, they are actually renting the equipment to you, which includes the router. Instead of having that extra expense on your bill, and considering (and assuming) that you will always want to have a reliable Internet connection, it might be worth looking into purchasing your own router.
    Routers usually range in price and could cost anywhere between $100 and $300, depending on the brand and its capabilities. No matter what you end up choosing, the one thing to make double check is that the router that you’re purchasing is compatible with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Otherwise, the router will not be able to transmit an Internet connection and you’ll have to start the process all over again.
  3. Unbundle
    It’s very possible that the Internet service provider you chose convinced you to bundle services that include cable TV and Internet. While it is true that you will end up saving a bit of money on your Internet bill by bundling, ultimately, if you’re not making the most use out of your cable TV, then it’s not really worth it to bundle services.
    Before streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, customers heavily relied on being able to watch TV through cable TV packages that offered a wide range of channel options. However, nowadays it’s almost uncommon to still watch cable TV. Instead, most users use streaming platforms that allow them to watch anything and everything they would have been able to watch on cable TV, plus they can watch on their own time and are not tied to TV schedules.
  4. Rethink Your Internet Usage
    It’s common for Internet service providers to offer sign-up bonuses for the first year if you sign up for the best-tier bundle or package that they offer. These kinds of offers are great initially because you get a discounted rate for top-quality, high-speed Internet that runs smoothly and never buffers.
    However, keep in mind that the best plans a company can offer are usually better for households with multiple users and devices connected to the Internet. If you’re someone that mostly goes online to do some light online shopping, check emails, and maybe watch a YouTube video every once in a while, you are probably better off with an economy-tier package that can still provide connection to the Internet but that won’t break the bank.
  5. Switch to a Mobile Hotspot
    This is probably the most extreme option here. Most people will still try to save money on their Internet bills by applying some of the advice above. But if you’re looking for a more permanent solution that will cut down the cost altogether, perhaps it’s time to think about just using your mobile hotspot as your primary source to the Internet.
    Now, before you make the cut, remember that using your mobile hotspot uses up all the data. If your mobile plan has data caps, switch your mobile plan to something that offers unlimited data or that at least offers enough data for what you normally use during the month. 

One Last Piece of Advice

If despite all the things you might have tried to lower your Internet bill, you still find that you’d like to keep the same Internet speed and the same availability to all the channels your bundle package offers, then it doesn’t hurt to call your service provider and see what they can do. 

Even though getting on the phone with a representative can be a tedious task, sometimes it’s worth talking to someone from the service provider company and having an honest conversation about your concerns with your bill. They don’t have an interest in losing you as a customer. And if you don’t have an interest in losing your package or plan with them, then talking to someone can definitely help. 

Remember, there are always a lot more solutions to problems than we can probably come up with. Despite the expense of utilities and the cost of living being so high, there are always ways to reduce costs and live a life that doesn’t revolve around the stresses of not being able to pay everything each month. You just need to dig a little bit and see what the best options are for you and your family.