What Is The Best Way to Stream Sporting Events?

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Before COVID, sports fans everywhere rejoiced any time their favorite team had a game. There is something so unique and enticing about putting on your team’s jersey, walking out of the house, and knowing that in just a few minutes, you’ll be one of the thousands in a stadium cheering the team on and enjoying that home run, goal, or touchdown right there in the middle of all the action. 

In fact, you don’t even have to be an avid sports fan to partake in the festivities of the sports leagues. A sporting event, whether it is college sports or the PGA Tour, is best enjoyed when it’s watched live by a crowd buzzing with excitement. 

Of course, that all changed with a pandemic. Nowadays, most sports fans watch live sports coverage at home on their TVs or on their phones. If there is one thing that’s been beneficial to the isolation that stemmed from the pandemic is how accessible reliable, high-speed Internet is for most of society. 

Services such as AT&T TV, NBC Sports, and CBS All Access have made it possible for sports fans everywhere to, once again, be a part of the game and enjoy watching their team from the comfort of their home. 

There are many ways to stream sporting events. Watching live sports coverage at home is ideal for most of us, but, for fans on the go or with jobs that take them away from their homes, there is still hope. There is an option for everyone. 

What Is Streaming TV, and How Does it Work?

The term “streaming” is one that is fairly new in our vocabulary. It wasn’t until the last few years that we started spending hours on our phones to binge shows on platforms such as Netflix or Hulu. In fact, six out of ten households with smartphones have unlimited mobile data plans that are often used for streaming services.

When people talk about streaming, they are typically referring to watching TV online. Let’s say that you’re catching up on the last 30 for 30, or maybe you’re watching your favorite international sports on your phone while you’re sitting on the bus; either way, you are streaming all of these services through platforms available in the form of apps. 

In order to do this, thoughespecially when you are streaming through your phoneit is essential that your data plans are good enough to carry the weight of all the data that is consumed while you’re enjoying your favorite shows or live sports. Nobody wants to end up with a much-higher-than-normal cell phone bill. If you’re on the go, your data plan needs to reflect that. 

What Do You Need to Stream Live Sporting Events?

If you want to stream TV on your phone or tablet, you will need an unlimited data plan. For watching on an actual TV, a subscription to one of the major live-TV streaming services or a packaged deal through a cable or satellite provider will get the job done. 

  • AT&T TV is a new service that allows families to stream multichannel television on multiple screens. The great thing about AT&T TV is that it comes in bundles so you can get great internet and access to all the best channels for watching live sporting events.

    They offer three packages with at least 65+ channels and access to regional sports channels. This type of service can be great for the home or if you’re on the go because it allows you to connect 10+ devices at once.
  • DIRECTV is another great package optionespecially for avid NFL fans. The cheapest package that DIRECTV offers still gives you access to 160+ channels and fast internet, enabling you to stream all of the live sporting events your heart desires.

    But the best part about DIRECTV is the NFL Sunday Ticket. This perk comes at no extra cost with either the DIRECTV Choice or the DIRECTV Ultimate package. You can watch anywhere from four to eight live games at the same time and stream them from any of your devices to watch on the go. 

Depending on your needs as a sports fan, you can also subscribe to specific providers to get the most bang for your buck. Apps like NHL Network, NBC Sports, CBS All Access, and the NFL Network also offer specific plans and subscriptions so you can watch your favorite sports from your phone, tablet, or TV. This may be a better option for fans of specific sports who don’t need all the options that come in bundles. 

What Are the Best Apps to Watch Live Sports?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that a lot of the services you are already subscribed to also offer a variety of sports-coverage options that allow you to watch live games. 

  • Hulu started out as just another streaming service to watch TV shows. However, Hulu has expanded its service by also offering a way to watch live sports. There are no requirements for cable, and you can stream up to 75 live channels, including all of the top networks for live sports.
  • Peacock is ideal for soccer fans who cannot get enough of the Premier League. Peacock is an affiliate of NBC, and it was launched in 2020. It offers all of the Premier League coverage along with IndyCar coverage and WWE content a little bit of everything.
  • YouTube TV is also an option for live sports coverage. YouTube used to be just a platform to watch videos and content on various topics, but recently, they’ve expanded their services to include national sports coverage. They give out a two-week trial, and you also have access to 85+ channels, including sports channels such as ESPN and the NFL Network. 

There are plenty of ways to stream live sports these days. While some sporting events are starting to allow the fans back in the stadiums, for the sports fans who don’t feel safe being in large crowds or who cannot go to a live sporting event, streaming services provide a way to still enjoy the live-action and cheer on your favorite team. It no longer matters where you are or whether you’re near a TV; streaming has made it possible for all of your favorite sports to come to you.