Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With WiFi

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As a society that relies heavily on WiFi and the Internet, it is safe to assume that we all consider ourselves to be experts with all the nuances of a life lived online. 

Of course we all know how to connect to wireless networks, and how to download and upload files. Any of us could probably teach a class on how to stream movies, share files, and launch video calling apps straight from our phones and into our computers. 

But, do we really know everything there is to know about WiFi connections? 

There is no question about the fact that most of the population is savvy with technology. Yet, there are always new advances and new things we can do through wireless Internet that perhaps we didn’t realize before. 

WiFi networks are a lot more versatile than they seem⸺we can use them for more than just connecting to the Internet or having wireless capabilities on the go. There’s always more to learn about your Internet connection.

Set Up Guest Accounts

This is a feature that few people know about but that can be very useful. Let’s say that you have family in town and you want to set them up with WiFi but don’t want to share your passwords with them. By setting up a guest account, you are allowing your guests to enjoy the perks of Internet access without compromising your personal reasons for wanting to keep your network private.

We can set guest networks up so that the guests using it don’t have to type in a password. We can also set them up so that the guests can set up a password but with certain restrictions. Either way, this type of feature allows freedom to both the owner of the Internet connection and their guests without bothering anyone about it. 

Setting up a guest account can vary depending on your wireless router. Make sure that you look up what is needed for your particular router in order to set up guest accounts on your network with no unforeseen repercussions. 

Internet Curfews

This is especially helpful when you have children that use devices connected to your WiFi networks. This is a WiFi feature that can help parents control the times on which their kids can connect the devices. This also allows parents to block devices during specific times. 

Internet curfews can also:

  • Limit times that devices have access to the network at home.
  • Limit TV streaming and gaming.
  • Adjust settings based on the needs of the household and the parents. 

This might not be a very happy feature for the kids. But it gives parents reassurance to know that they can keep their children safe from inappropriate content and limit the time spent online. Living in a pandemic only increased the amount of hours spent in front of a screen. Limiting time spent on devices can help encourage children to get back outside again and remember what it’s like to go to the park.

Sharing Files Within Network
Imagine being able to share files with other connected devices without having to send them through an email or through a text. With WiFi, you can do that.

Most people forget that this is a prominent feature that WiFi offers for its users. When you have multiple devices connected to the same home network, if two of your devices are on the same network, you can share files like pictures, videos, and audio without hassle.

There might be some troubleshooting at the beginning. It can be confusing at first to share media in such a practical way. The key here is to not fret. There is always a solution to fix any problems that you might encounter with your wireless router, wireless connection, and the sharing of files.

Extend WiFi Range
One of the great things about WiFi is that if your WiFi connection is acting a little unstable around certain parts of the house, you can actually extend its range so that you have access to reliable speeds everywhere you go.

Wireless routers always need to be in an upper position, away from things that might get in the way. Ideally, it is best if they are at a central point in the household. However, if that is not enough or you notice you would like to get a better WiFi connection in the garage, you can get WiFi extenders that can extend up to sixty feet of space for a more widespread connection. 

You can also add a second router to your home as long as the new router is compatible with the current router. You can purchase a second router or an extender pretty much anywhere online. Best thing to do would be to compare the various extenders that are available on the market and see which one fits your needs best. 

Print From Your Phone

Isn’t it great when you don’t have to get up and go to your desktop computer (if you even have one) and print something? 

WiFi enables users to set up wireless printers and can do anything from their phone, including printing documents. Once your printer is set up, you simply drop your documents into the queue of your printer and print at your convenience. 

Other Advantages of WiFi

Remember, WiFi connections and networks are meant to make lives easier. Another feature of WiFi is that you can turn your home into a smart home. This means that instead of having to turn on lights by hand, or get frustrated at not being able to find the remote control for your TV, you could do it all from your phone. WiFi enhances your entertainment capabilities and makes it easier to enjoy all the perks with apps available on your phone or tablet. 

WiFi can also help increase your online security, make it easier for you to purchase things online, and escalate home-office environments for more efficient work and seamless transitions from the office to your household.