Things To Do on the Internet When You’re Stuck at Home

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Things To Do On Internet At Home

Sometimes, we’re just forced to stay at home. Maybe the car is broken down, or the kids are sick, or there’s a repairman coming. Maybe you’re too sick to work, but awake and restless. Working online is an option at some jobs, but even if yours allows it, being at home can sometimes be therapeutic if we do something to pass the time that’s simply relaxing or fun, especially if we’re stressed out or not feeling well.

The Internet can make days like this fly by. There are so many things to do online, and not just social media (although that can be fun too!). Plus, it’s not all entertainment – you can have fun while learning something new, too! Here are just a few of the ways you can pass the time on the Internet when you’ve got to stay home.

Binge Watch a Show

There are a lot of great ways to watch TV shows on the Internet. Most people subscribe to one or more streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and a host of new ones due to be released during 2020-2021. Some channels have their own streaming services, like CBS AllAccess or HBO Max, which sometimes release some or all of their libraries online for free viewing to attract subscribers. You can find some really old shows on YouTube channels, too. Binge watching a show refers to watching an entire season or series on one sitting. Some shows are short enough that an entire season can be watched in 6-7 hours, while others might take a bit more work, but sometimes immersing yourself in the plot of a good show is a great way to get through the day. A variation of this could be watching a series of movies, such as the Star Wars or Harry Potter sagas.

Read a Book or Magazine

Some people prefer to read their entertainment rather than watch it, and the Internet can deliver to them, too. There are numerous places online to find free books, from online books written to advertise a service by providing informative content to classics that can be found on Internet archives like Project Gutenberg. Another great place to find free books for rent is your local library, as many library systems have collected e-books to loan the same way they loan traditional books. Plenty of magazines also offer free articles, as well as subscriber-only content. If you prefer your books offline, you can still find plenty to download from all these places or buy yourself something new from Amazon or a major book store.

Learn a Skill on YouTube or WikiHow

We all have things we wish we knew how to do, whether it’s learning an instrument, learning to garden, or learning to build a cabinet. YouTube and WikiHow are just two examples of websites that can guide people through the process of learning how to do something new. YouTube is the ultimate example of how-to videos, while WikiHow is a great example of step-by-step written instructions, complete with diagrams and pictures. Whichever way you learn best, there’s almost certainly content out there to teach you what you want to know. At the very least, you can give your potential new hobby a preview with a free video before you pour a lot of money into something you might wind up hating.

Play a Video Game

From Candy Crush Saga to World of Warcraft, the Internet is full of video games that can be played solo or with friends. From team-oriented esports like League of Legends, massive multiplayer online games (MMOs) like the industry standard WoW, the popular titles on the Steam community, the collections of console communities such as Playstation and XBox… The list of games that can be played on the Internet could probably take up volumes, especially with so many ways to connect. Even our cellphones and tablets have great games they can access over WiFi. Whether you spend hours engrossed in a role-playing story or sneak in a few minutes with Bejeweled Blitz while fixing a meal, video games are one of the most popular uses for the Internet.

Take a Class

Online classes, both formal and informal, are all over the Internet. YouTube has more than do-it-yourself videos, as many professors post their class lectures online on topics ranging from philosophy to physics. Khan Academy is such a respected educational website that high schools and colleges use it as an online textbook. Academic papers and studies can be found for free reading in a variety of formats. There are a lot of online colleges, and many traditional colleges also have online classes, with both types of schools offering free classes as well as tuition-based. Take the time to learn something new, from the works of the Renaissance masters to the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on bipolar disorder patients, by taking a class online, even if it’s just a one-day seminar.

Virtually Tour a Faraway Place

Online travel magazines are easy to find, but sometimes we just can’t scrape the money together to go to that exotic destination. Thanks to services like Google Maps’ satellite view, you can virtually tour some of the places you read about by viewing the location on the map. This is a fun way to check out famous landmarks, national parks, and monuments. Some locations take this concept even further by taking website visitors on their own tours, allowing people from far and wide to see the interiors of castles and monasteries, cave systems, ancient cities, and more. When you are spending time at home and need to get away but can’t, sometimes the Internet can help.

Talk to Friends and Relatives

There are three great ways to talk to people in town and all over the world. Text chat has been around for a while as a standalone product, but has since been integrated onto platforms like Facebook, Google Hangouts, and Outlook. Voice chat with a headset or speakers and microphone can be just like a telephone call except it is encrypted and can call anywhere in the world. Video gamers all over the world have been using apps like this to coordinate team activities, but families and friends can also use it to keep in touch and do things together. Video chat can allow people online to talk face to face, as well as share what’s on their screens with each other, which can be a great way to binge watch, play games, or do most of the other things you can do on the Internet when you’re stuck at home.

No matter how you have fun when you’re stuck at home, the Internet probably helps a lot. There are even more things you can do, too, but to do any of them, you have to have reliable high-speed Internet. We can help. Just tell us your zip code and we will tell you every provider who services your area, as well as their packages and rates. Be ready for those days that you are stuck at home by comparing your Internet today!