The Best Organizational Apps for iPhone and Android

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These days, organization is a hot topic: There are books, Netflix shows, and plenty of websites telling us how to be more organized in our day-to-day lives.  

We are also a technology savvy society. In fact, most Americans spend about 5.4 hours on their phones per day. That averages out to about 35 hours per week—almost a full-time job! So, it makes sense that as we go through our day, we utilize apps to help us organize our lives.  

Whether you’re a mom or a busy executive, time management is key to get you through the day. And if you are a college student, an app on your phone can be a great tool to keep you focused, to stay on top of class schedules, and to avoid missing due dates for assignments.  

Wherever you fit in life, there is an organizational solution for you, so keep reading for our rundown of the best organizational apps for your lifestyle. 

Best App for Groups and Companies: Trello

Trello was created in 2011 with the goal of being an app that could “help teams move work forward.” It averages a 4.5-star rating on the App Store, and it is an organizational app that is widely used by companies and groups everywhere.  

Best Trello Features 

  • Goal Setting and Tracking
    If there is one thing you can accomplish with Trello, it is successfully setting and meeting goals for your team. The way the app works is by assembling cards on a board and allowing you to organize them based on priority, status, or team member—whatever you choose. Each card can have a different task or a different goal to reach. You can also set up deadlines to make sure you stay on top of important tasks.
  • Easy Collaboration
    Trello is one of the most-used apps for companies and groups. This is because it’s simple to streamline processes and assign tasks and due dates to manage deadlines. This app makes it easier to work as a group across different teams with different priorities. Features such as real-time editing and the ability to tag users facilitate communication and ensure everyone stays on the same page.
  • Flexible Membership Options
    If you don’t want to pay for this app, you don’t have to! Trello offers three types of membership. There is a free membership, a business class, and an enterprise-level membership that is ideal for organizations of more than 100 people. Whatever your type of company, Trello has a membership that will fit your budget and cater to your organizational needs.  

Best App for College Students: The Homework App

The Homework App ranks at 4 out of 5 stars on the App Store. This app is used by high school and college students alike to organize their class schedules, manage multiple homework assignments, improve their time management, and even communicate with their teachers.  

Best Features of The Homework App 

  • Reminders
    High school and college students always have a lot of things to remember: due dates, projects, tests. The most useful feature of this app is the fact that you can set up reminders for everything that you have on your calendar. With this app, it will be difficult to miss the next group study session or not be prepared for your upcoming quiz. 
  • Class Schedules
    These days, everyone is busy. High school and college students are constantly juggling a lot of classes and seminars. The Homework App allows you to add your schedule of classes so that you always know where you have to be. Teachers also have access to this app and can use it to communicate with their students if there are any schedule changes or if a class is canceled. 
  • Syncing Between Devices
    Students often use different platforms and devices to get their work done. One great thing about The Homework App is that you can sync everything that is on the app with all of your different devices so that you always know what’s coming up next. The app is available for iOS and Android, and there are two types of membershipone that is free and one that is only $4.99 per year.

Best App to Save Passwords: LastPass

LastPass is one of the most useful apps these days. We all have a million passwords, and it’s difficult to keep track of all of them and make sure that they’re truly secure. (“12345” doesn’t cut it anymore.) If you want to have all of your passwords in one secure place, LastPass is a password manager that will get the job done.  

Best LastPass Features 

  • Digital Record Storage 
    Not only can you save all of your passwords on this app, but you can also save digital records, like insurance cards, memberships, and WiFi passwords. You no longer have to worry about carrying all of your important membership cards with you and can rest assured that your accounts are about as secure as they can get. 
  • Password Generation
    As mentioned earlier, we can’t store important information with a simple password anymore. Most websites will ask for at least eight letters or numbers, a special character, and something other than your pet’s name. LastPass helps you generate strong passwords that are complicated enough to be secure. You won’t be able to remember them, but the app will, and that will make things much easier for you.
  • Dark Web Monitoring
    Nobody wants someone to steal their identity or for our passwords to be shared on the dark web without our knowledge. LastPass makes sure to monitor and track your information so it doesn’t pop up in places it’s not supposed to, and you’ll be alerted if anything out of the ordinary appears on the dark web.  

The great thing about technology is that it has simplified things for all of us. With the help of a few apps, managing multiple platforms can stop being such a daunting task. We all want to maximize productivity, but we can’t do it alone. Organizational apps can reduce our workload and help focus our energy on things that are more important. Consider using one of these apps and see how much easier life gets.