February 2022

Every month there’s a different technician playing with my wires.

Tamara J. from Pompano Beach, FL

December 2021

Complete scammers and thieves with zero intention of giving a shit about you or your money spent.

Erin B. from Jackson, MS

July 2021

I started with a great plan but now that it has expired my monthly rate has almost doubled. Time to start looking for a new provider that won't cost $150 per month

Leslie W. from Temple, NH

June 2021

They fucking suck. Equipment sucks. Internet is great.

Mia C. from Brunswick, MD

May 2021

Nothing they suck that is all

. from ,

November 2020

Data caps, ever increasing pricing, no other choice but to have xfinity

Kevin O. from Mashpee, MA

July 2020

My experience with Comcast Xfinity in my area, San Francisco, has been great. I've been with them for 8 years and I rarely experience outages or slowdowns. I regularly perform speed tests and I always get the speed I am paying for. The only gripe I have with them is the price, which I consider slightly overpriced. However, they are always willing to give me a promotional rate/discount meant for only new customers if I call their retention department and negotiate a new yearly contract. Overall, I am highly satisfied with the reliability and speed of Xfinity Internet and I plan to stay with them for the foreseeable future.

Sean L. from San Francisco, CA

July 2020


James F. from Pompano Beach, FL

July 2020

expensive, but now i can get gigabit speeds via cable. upload speed still isn't great, capped at 40Mbps, but overally doing better than people give them credit ford. wish we had a competitor for them to bring pricing down.

ken p. from San Jose, CA

July 2020


Teather Renee Mosher F. from Shelbyville, TN

July 2020

If there were other options in my area, I wouldn't hesitate to switch. The internet speeds are slow and often congested, the pricing is high, and I feel trapped in my plan. The installers have always been helpful, but I think they are outsourced workers.

Ben W. from Gig Harbor, WA

July 2020

Very fast and pretty good service, but without any viable competitors, the prices keep rising and rising.

Cluck M. from West Valley City, UT

July 2020

Xfinity is all we can get so it will have to do. But often the internet goes out for a minute or two and this happens several times a day. Its difficult when you are trying to work from home and everything just freezes up or shuts down on you. And the pricing is high in my opinion.

Lisa U. from Cordova, TN

July 2020

The speed of my internet connection is a consistent 250mb and is rarely down for maintenance. The price is a little on the high side $79.95, but I'm happy with the service.

Noah M. from Denver, CO

July 2020

The internet is super fast and I don't have problems with it I've been happy with my experience so far.

Dylan L. from Bonney Lake, WA

July 2020

I almost always have fast and reliable internet (even in storms)

Richard d. from Tallahassee, FL

July 2020

Xfinity is pretty smooth but is expensive and sometimes we lose connection.

Deborah R. from Las Cruces, NM

July 2020

I recently moved and Xfinity was the only provider. I was happy with the price and speed. I came from ATT and I didn't miss a beat.

James V. from Houston, TX

July 2020

Even with the promotional pricing for a year I still pay a lot for the service. It has been nice having cable back on the tv, my son missed cartoon network when we were only using hulu and netflix.

K R. from Morgantown, WV

July 2020

Need Gigabit speeds in area

corey l. from Baytown, TX

July 2020

its a really good experience with xfinity with good service and high speed internet

pete r. from New York, NY

July 2020

Very fast and reliable internet, I have always been happy with the speed. I have done numerous speed tests and my internet service is ranked faster than most of the country. The only downsides is the price is a bit steep, and there are no other choices for internet in my area. I would like to at least have a choice between other providers when selecting an internet service. Overall though, I am pleased with my internet service.

David D. from Buzzards Bay, MA

May 2020

speed is faster than i need

Abby L. from Mableton, GA

May 2020

They are good

Myles H. from Memphis, TN

May 2020

Our wifi is very good

Isabela C. from Conyers, GA