June 2022

No thanks. A one star rating should say it all

Sybil H. from Lorena, TX

June 2021

Hate how few options there are.

Alvin H. from Owens Cross Roads, AL

April 2021

Prices keep going up. Internet is getting slower.

Penny P. from Spring Lake, NC

April 2021

$172 a month for rock bottom service

CURT . from Cincinnati, OH

November 2020

Worst internet I've ever used. Currently online looking for new providers

Ronetta R. from Duluth, GA

October 2020

WiFi has gotten so slow, just comparing prices

Cindy M. from Hampton, GA

July 2020

Spectrum has great internet but the restriction on upload is not good for gamers and the like

brendon c. from Duluth, GA

July 2020

It's a great experience using this Network provider

Mark B. from Denver, CO

July 2020

I think I'm enjoying their services but more can be done to improve the speed of the internet and also pricing should be made more affordable.

Rhett P. from Denver, CO

July 2020

It is fast, cheap and reliable

Danny P. from Denver, CO

July 2020

Reliable, fast, good price.

Joe J. from Watertown, NY

July 2020

Only had issue with getting a new bundle set up and was kind of misled about the pricing.

Shannon M. from Garland, TX

July 2020

So many issues with connectivity and customer service has never been helpful.

M T. from Sanford, FL

July 2020

I am actually very happy with my internet provider. Their customer service is great and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. Definitely recommended.

Frank M. from Milwaukee, WI

July 2020

They've been talking about increasing my plan to 200mbps down for years, and have still not done so. Some nights there are (presumably) planned outages lasting an hour or so while I am still awake and doing work.

Bryan H. from Pickerington, OH

July 2020

too expensive otherwise good service fast internet

robert p. from Pearl River, NY

July 2020

Fast basic level of service, but a little pricy.

Jimmy S. from Dayton, OH

July 2020

No comments

Byron N. from Victorville, CA

July 2020

I've had no problems with Spectrum, the speed has been consistent and the pricing has been consistent. I never worry about if it will change or if there will be hidden fees or outages, it's always good. The location I dealt with also showed up on time for installation and was responsive to questions I would have and cancelling and returning my equipment to a physical location in my city was a big bonus. I picked it right back up when I moved back because I liked it so much.

Matthew R. from Farmington, KY

July 2020


Colette C. from Decatur, AL

July 2020

The pricing could be more economical. Other than that, no complaints. The internet speed is fast.

Holly L. from Queensbury, NY

July 2020

network down a lot + noticeable slowdown in speeds in recent months

dani n. from New York, NY

July 2020

So good

Amber w. from San Antonio, TX

July 2020

Speed is usually acceptable for common tasks like Netflix and browsing. Downtime is rare and usually fixed quickly. However, if you have to call in for tech support it can be lengthy and frustrating. Also VERY overpriced!

Andrew M. from Corning, NY

July 2020

i am satisfied

bee g. from Fort Worth, TX