Preparing Your Internet for Summer Vacation

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Summer often comes with vacation plans. The kids are out of school and the warm weather invites everyone outdoors. People head to beaches and warm outdoor places to “get away from it all,” as the saying goes. Whether taking a road trip or flying someplace exotic, summer is the time people are most likely to leave home for a while.

The Internet, however, has become such an important part of our lives that it’s hard to do without, even while on vacation. Plus, when you’re out of town, there are uses and hazards for the Internet both on your vacation and back home. Knowing how to stay connected on vacation while securing your Internet back home can not only enhance your vacation, but also ensures that you don’t have unwanted surprises when you get home.

Secure ALL Your Internet

Before you leave, it’s important to make sure your Internet connection is secure. This applies to both your home Internet and the devices you may be taking with you.

At Home

Before you leave, it’s important to ensure hackers and other malicious actors don’t take advantage of your Internet. The same way you prepare your home against burglars, you should prepare your Internet too.

Some Internet providers allow customers to suspend their Internet service. Check with your provider to see if they have this service. Suspending your service means that your home Internet is deactivated for the period you will be away.

If your Internet provider doesn’t provide this service, you still have options. Setting a secure password on your home network will help keep hackers out of your data, as well as opportunists from stealing your home wifi signal. Even if you already take these precautions, it’s still a good idea to revisit your Internet security before leaving your home for vacation.

While Packing

Any mobile devices you plan to take with you should also be secured. Laptops, cell phones or tablets can all be stolen at airports, from hotels, or on the beach. Keeping them passworded and encrypted can at least prevent thieves from accessing your devices. Enabling location tracking can help you find them, especially if they’ve been lost rather than stolen.

Another consideration is installing a VPN on your mobile devices. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It encrypts and conceals your IP address and Internet, which protects users while they use public networks, such as those found in coffee shops, airports, and other venues. VPNs conceal your searches and personal data, masking your true location and fortifying your online security.

Taking Your Internet Service on Vacation

Even though you’re on vacation, you still might need the Internet. Some people have jobs that require them to be available for contact even while away. Shopping, finding things to do, or contacting family and friends are also common uses for the Internet while on vacation. In the wake of COVID, many restaurants have converted their menus to digital formats that can only be accessed using WiFi. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to access WiFi while on vacation. 

Public WiFi

The country is full of WiFi hotspots, and more are being added every day by cities, Internet providers, and businesses, giving everyone a chance to get online, no matter where they are. Some devices stay connected to WiFi full time, constantly seeking WiFi networks to connect to.

Your Internet and Cell Phone

Many service providers have ways you can use your home Internet away from home. Internet providers have far-reaching networks that you can default to if you have an account with them. Cell phone service providers also have mobile hotspots, which treat your SIM card as your ISP. You should be mindful of your data plan, especially on a cell phone, because exceeding your data limits can slow down your Internet, which can be devastating while on vacation. 

Portable Routers

Cell phones with mobile hotspots also act as routers, but you can also purchase a portable router if you have more devices connected than your cell phone or data plan can handle. Since people bring tablets, laptops, and even video game units that access the Internet on vacation, a portable router can save you a lot of data, even on your Internet plan.

Be Internet-Safe While Away

Having Internet access while on vacation also comes with caveats. Posting vacation pics on social media, while popular, alerts would-be thieves that you are away from home, giving them the chance to exploit your absence. It also tells people where you are, which could put yourself and your family at risk. Maintaining privacy on the Internet includes being mindful of using social media.

Talk to your family about Internet security while you are away. Make sure you all have an understanding of how to safely use the Internet while on vacation so you can avoid hazards and heartache while you’re supposed to be having fun. Make sure the whole family’s devices are data-secure and that everyone is mindful of their belongings so they don’t get lost or worse, stolen.

Have a Great Summer!

Getting high speed Internet while travelling is easy, and securing your home Internet even easier, especially if you have a fast, reliable Internet plan. To see what plans are available for your home, put your zip code here or call 1-833-933-2468. That way you can compare plans and prices, and also find out what you can do with your service when you’re away on vacation. Your vacation is time to enjoy yourself, and the right Internet plan means you can enjoy it that much more!