How the Internet Can Help You Stay in Shape

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Most of us use the Internet for work or play, so we’re used to being online while sitting down. We don’t think of the Internet as a place for physical activity. However, using the internet to stay in shape is common, and being online enhances our methods with gadgets that can make sure we’re getting the most from our workouts. Even if you’re working out at a gym, odds are that WiFi is informing your workout and monitoring your vitals for you.

Staying in shape has never been more important. Working out with your home Internet can teach you new ways of staying fit, help you lose weight, and keep your routine from getting stale. It can teach beginners how to avoid injury. If you can’t always get outside or to the gym, you can count on your Internet connection to give you many ways to stay fit!

Fitness Tracking Apps

Most people are familiar with the various popular fitness trackers, such as FitBit and Apple Watch. However, there are a myriad of fitness apps available for other devices, from your phone to your tablet to your home computer. You don’t have to have a fancy watch, although they are definitely an enhancement. 

Track Your Exercise

Your Android or iPhone has access to numerous apps that track various types of exercise, from walking and running to dancing and martial arts. Google Fit is an example of a free app that uses your phone’s location to measure how many steps you’ve taken and how intensely you exercise. Apps for tablets might also include short demonstrations of yoga stances or martial arts moves, and you can log your progress as you master them. Many of them estimate your heart rate based on activity.

Track Your Diet

Paying more attention to what you eat can aid with weight loss. By tracking your diet with an app on your cell phone, tablet, or home computer, you can keep track of portion sizes, calories and more. Using online resources, most apps can find the nutrition information from brand-name foods, saving you time and giving you a chance to see what you really eat every day.

Drink Water

Water is one of the most important things about fitness, but also one of the most underestimated. Staying hydrated keeps us energized and spreads nutrients throughout our blood. It flushes out our kidneys and helps clear waste from the body. Apps that remind you to drink water throughout the day can help ensure you stay hydrated. Users are reminded to take a sip with a pleasant chime or the notification sound from their cell phones and watch their total intake add up.

Fitness from Your Living Room

When you can’t go out to the gym or yoga studio for your workout, you can bring these places to you. You can find online workouts in various subscription services or for free. You can follow your favorite fitness gurus on sites like YouTube and even catch live stream classes right from the comfort of your own home.  

Basic equipment like mats, weights, or resistance bands might be required for some online workouts, but fitness influencers can be creative. Often there is something you already have in your homes, such as a gallon of water or a towel, that can be used in place of running to the sports store. Even some house chores can be used to enhance your at-home workout.

Online Yoga

Yoga videos have been around since the VCR days, so online yoga classes were inevitable when the Internet started incorporating video. There are many different yoga practices, from the healing of restorative yoga to the spirituality of Kundalini. Whether you need comprehensive instructions about how to do each pose or simply need a routine to enhance your daily practice, finding the right online yoga is a matter of exploring. In fact, you might even find something new to try, like tai chi or qigong.

Online Fitness Training

Maybe you have all the weights and bands you need to get a full workout. The Internet has videos and websites for using them safely. Online fitness classes for working out at home might include high-intensity interval training, bodybuilding, aerobics, or martial arts. Even before you invest in the equipment, you can find videos and articles explaining what you need and where to find it.

What if There Is Equipment Required?

People who engage in fitness training like cycling or strength training also have plenty of online options. There are programs with various levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert. All they require are a few extra parts.


Bicyclists can ride in their own living rooms using the Internet. There are tracks available that connect to devices such as game consoles or online apps. Using these, cyclists can monitor their speed, change their terrain type, and even connect with other cyclists.

Training with a Video Game

Gaming systems also have games that use WiFi to track your movements. Consoles such as the Wii and the Nintendo Switch have games that can act as personal trainers, using minigames to teach players of all ages a wide variety of techniques. After learning to build muscle groups and endure cardio workouts, players can also complete a story to practice what they’ve learned. 

Finding the Right Online Fitness Program

The most important advice about any fitness program is to choose one that is appropriate to your fitness level. If you have concerns about what kind of exercise you can handle, you should always ask your doctor. Attempting to do advanced high-intensity workouts even as a healthy beginner can invite injury or even death.

To find out what your needs are in a fitness program, start with online apps, such as Google Fit or Drink Water. Many health insurance policies have fitness classes included in their benefits. YouTube can be a great place to learn how to do basic moves in practices such as yoga, Pilates, strength training, or martial arts.

For many people, all these free resources are plenty. Those who want to take their commitment to fitness to the next level might seek out a subscription service. Subscribing to an online fitness service might bring benefits such as:

  • Live streams taught by fitness experts to keep your workout fresh.
  • One-on-one coaching with fitness and nutrition experts who can guide you to make healthy choices and prevent injuries.
  • Bonus content that enhances the articles and videos offered to the public.
  • Online stores and discounts for equipment, gear, and local gyms and studios. 
  • A community to share your concerns and triumphs with, and to talk to when you’re struggling with the program.
  • In-person events, such as conventions or appearances might be held in major cities.

Having the Best Internet for Your Fitness Routine

Internet that is fast and reliable is an important part of all types of fitness practices. Computer apps include videos and live streams that show users how to safely do the moves and poses. Communication between external components like gaming consoles requires WiFi you can count on. 

Having Internet you can trust doesn’t mean paying too much for a good plan. To make sure you have the best Internet deals in your area, you can put your zip code here or call 1-833-933-2468. Keep your Internet bill as healthy as your fitness routine!