10 Best Memorial Websites to Remember Loved Ones

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10 best memorial sites

There are many ways to honor the memory of a loved one after their passing. Some may make charitable donations or purchase flowers. Others light a candle. Every culture has its own traditions for honoring those who have passed.

One of the newest ways to honor a loved one’s memory is to memorialize them online. Memorial websites are available from many providers that allow family members and friends to pay tribute to a deceased loved one. Each provider has its own unique set of features and nuances.

A memorial website can be a simple and meaningful way to preserve memories for years to come. Here are the top 10 memorial sites for your loved ones who have passed.


Keeper lets you create free memorial pages to honor loved ones. You can create milestones to acknowledge loved ones and highlight their achievements.  Keeper provides many other incredible features that enable guests to look back on your loved one’s life, including:

  • Customization: To personalize the memorial, you can select from a library of themes or upload your own. You can use this as a means of reflecting on your loved one’s hobbies or passions.
  • Mobile App: The Keeper app guides family and friends to the exact spot where your loved one was laid to rest. By doing so, people will encounter less stress when paying their respects at a tombstone.
  • Interactive Tributes Center: Keeper’s tributes center allows family and friends to connect and share memories. The tributes center is also home to the guest book, where friends and family can express their condolences.

With Keeper, you can create a memorial that is more personally tailored than other memorial websites. You can also accept donations for your loved one’s favorite charity. This makes it one of the best online memorial websites.


Remembered is a free memorial website with some paid options. This memorial site is fantastic for friends and family that want several features to remember their loved ones. These features include:

  • Simple Web Address: You can customize the web address of the memorial by entering your loved one’s name. Choosing a custom address makes it easier to remember and share online.
  • Create a Slideshow: You can upload 100 photos to a gallery on the memorial and view them as a slideshow. For a $20 one-time fee, you can upload unlimited photos.
  • Social Media Integration: You can invite friends and family to interact with the memorial page through Facebook. Each guest can upload photos, videos, and stories from their computer or Facebook library. 

The free memorial page provides the basics to memorialize the passing of your loved one. It is ideal for those who prefer privacy since private memorials and invitation-only guests are available.

We Remember

We Remember is a free memorial site from Ancestry.com. We Remember differs from other memorial websites in that you can enter your relationship with the deceased loved one after you sign up. Each member’s relationship to the deceased will appear under their username so that guests can recognize who is sharing memories and posting comments. We Remember has other features to honor your loved one, including:

  • Easy Navigation: All the features you need to remember your loved one are available on a single memorial page – the guest book, biography, gallery, and memories section.
  • Questions Section: You can set up a question for guests to answer about your loved one. Guests can then reflect and remember the good times and further interact with one another.
  • Simple to Like, Comment, Share: Videos and photos of your loved one can be uploaded, and guests can comment, like, and share them on social media.  Keep the memory of your loved one alive by showcasing videos, stories, and photos.

While We Remember doesn’t provide personalization options, such as custom backgrounds, it offers everything you need to memorialize your loved one online at no cost. We Remember is an excellent option for creating an online memorial quickly and easily.


The timeline format in Memories provides an exciting approach to memorial pages. To commemorate your loved one, friends and family can post photos and videos to each section of the timeline. Guests can navigate the timeline by year and view your loved one’s accomplishments.

This memorial site is known for its security features and user-friendly platform. Memories offers the following notable features:

  • Vault: Unlimited space to store photos, videos, and certificates. The vault makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal your data by implementing 2-factor authentication.
  • Pin a Memory: Choose a memory of your loved one and display it at the top of the page. Guests can share commentary and stories to express their condolences under the pinned memory.
  • Interactive Mobile App: The Memories app allows guests to visit the memorial and add photos or videos. The bulk upload feature lets you create albums containing videos and pictures in one click.

If you want security, Memories is an excellent option due to its vault feature. The vault feature offers peace of mind if you scan important documents to add to the obituary.


GatheringUs shows off your loved one’s life through a simple memorial website. Family and friends can create an account or log in using social media to share pictures. GatheringUs has limited features but provides all the necessities in a memorial site, such as:

  • Fundraising: GatheringUs allows donations to help with funeral expenses. Guests can also donate to your loved one’s preferred charity.
  • Sharing Memories: Visitors can post written condolences, videos, and photos on the memorial page. The memorial is mobile-friendly, so people can upload content through their mobile devices.
  • Event Updates: The memorial displays dates of funerals and other gatherings to commemorate your loved one. Details about in-person and virtual gatherings are also displayed in the events section.

Memories is a simple platform to set up and use. This memorial site is ideal for those who want a free memorial with basic features.


Tributes is an established memorial provider known for placing newspaper ads for obituaries. For a one-time charge of $50, you can create an online memorial page that never expires. When you pay the one-time fee, the following features are available:

  • Military Obituaries: An obituary for fallen veterans can detail their service in chronological order, with many military backgrounds to choose from, including navy, army, marines, and more.
  • Unlimited Copy and Photos: You may make the obituary as long as you like since the text can be unlimited. You may add as many photos as you like.
  • Customization: You can include your loved one’s favorite background song on the page and personalized videos can also be uploaded.
  • Unique Guest Book Features: It is possible for guests to leave audio messages such as phone recordings, photo tributes, or icons expressing their condolences.

Tributes offers a simple way to memorialize your loved ones. It’s an exceptional site to honor veterans for no additional cost. Please be aware that the site is not secure, which means photos and videos will be transferred over an unencrypted connection.

Last Memories

Last Memories is a memorial website that offers customization options not found on other sites. As an example, you can use a family photo as the page’s background or play your loved ones’ favorite songs for visitors. Last Memories has tons of other features, including:

  • Animated Objects: You can select animated objects such as falling hearts if you want to add more creativity to your memorial page. If you created a personal text animation using Flash, you could upload it to the site.
  • Live Chat: Your guests can interact with each other in real-time on the memorial page. This feature brings people together to remember your loved one in a way not available on other memorial websites.
  • Multiple Memberships: Membership options include Basic Membership (free), Angel Membership (for $4.90 per month), and Lifetime Membership (no advertisements).  A $49.90-lifetime membership includes the memorial book, more upload capacity, and much more.

Last Memories is ideal for those who wish to establish a memorial with total control over the settings. Compared to other memorial sites, the lifetime fee is reasonable.

Forever Missed

The Forever Missed website has an easy sign-up process and provides two plans: a free basic plan and a premium one. With the free plan, you can pick a theme that honors the memory of your loved one. In the free version, you can only upload five photos. The premium version offers more flexibility and notable features, including:

  • Upload From Facebook and Youtube: If you don’t want to upload media from your hard drive, you can connect to your social media accounts. Connecting to your social media accounts makes it easier for you to share memories.
  • Illustrated Stories: Forever Missed includes a “Stories” section that allows you to upload videos, photos, and messages. Guests can comment and share to contribute further to honor your loved one’s memory.
  • Advanced Privacy Controls: Control who can view your memorial page or keep it hidden from certain users by blocking unwanted visitors.

The premium plan is the better option to take full advantage of Forever Missed. A lifetime subscription to the premium plan costs $124.99. If you’re not interested in a lifetime subscription, you can purchase the premium plan for $6.99 per month or $64.99 per year. Although the basic plan provides the essentials for a memorial page, it is more limited than other free plans.


Kudoboard provides a more vibrant approach to remembering your loved ones. The online memorial site works similar to Pinterest, where boards are filled with photos. This creates an easy-to-navigate memorial page for friends and family to post and view memories. Kudoboard has several features that memorialize your loved ones, including:

  • Print Your Kudoboard: After you create a Kudoboard, you have the option to print it as a poster. To further bring your memories to life, you can create a hard-bound book of your board.
  • Memorial Slideshow: Using your Kudoboard posts, you can create a slideshow that includes videos of your loved one. The slideshow can be played at a funeral to assist in honoring your loved one.
  • Collaboration: Invite guests to contribute videos and photos to the Kudoboard using the website’s invite link. Family and friends can upload photos about any event they want to remember, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions.

Kudoboard is an engaging way to remember loved ones, but it is also limited. For instance, the memorial page offers only 10 mini memorials, which are boards that hold photos. To upgrade to a full memorial, you must pay $99.

Virtual Memorials

Virtual Memorials provides a biography and guest book for free. However, to access additional features like unlimited photos, you must pay a one-time fee of $55. Other features that Virtual Memories offers include:

  • Unlimited Webpages: Choose several pages to dedicate to your loved ones. You can write poetry, thoughts, feelings, favorite memories, etc.
  • Add HTML Graphics: If you know HTML, you can add custom graphics to the memorial page, further personalizing it for your deceased loved one.
  • 100MB Storage: You can store up to 300 high-resolution photos and five songs. If that isn’t enough, you can purchase additional storage.

Virtual Memorials’ downside is the visual appearance of the website because it looks outdated compared to other providers. This memorial site also isn’t mobile-friendly.


We commonly use the internet to browse social media or work remotely, but it can also be used to pay tribute to loved ones. The internet allows us to preserve memories forever, including our favorite moments with our departed loved ones.

Creating an online memorial website doesn’t involve any technical skills. Anyone can sign up to a memorial site and create a memorial page. Memorial pages can be customized with photos, videos, graphics, music, etc. With personalized memorial pages, you can pay a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Overall, online memorial websites are a fantastic way to capture moments about your loved ones. Your loved ones will continue to be remembered with photos and stories posted by guests. These moments will be cherished and easily accessible to anyone for years to come.

Online Memorial Website FAQ

What is the Best Obituary Website?

A good obituary website will depend on what you want. Some may prefer a simple, free online memorial with basic features. Others may want an online memorial with advanced features.

What Should Be in an Online Memorial?

The majority of online memorials will include an obituary and guest book, as well as your own photos and videos to share memories and favorite moments. Additional features are available on some online memorials, such as custom backgrounds and music.

How Do You Sign Up on a Memorial Website?

Create an account on a memorial website based on your needs. Most people begin with a free memorial page, but paid versions include more features. Fill out the necessary information and start uploading pictures and videos.  Once you have completed the form and uploaded photos and videos, you will receive a link that you can share with family and friends.