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How to Install Fiber-Optic Internet: A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we will walk you through the entire process of installing fiber-optic internet, from choosing the right provider to setting up the equipment. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or a complete newcomer to fiber optic technology, this guide will provide you with the information and resources you need to successfully install fiber-optic internet.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Login to Your Router

Need to login to your router for security checks or to fix internet issues? This guide will show you how to get into your router settings and what you can do there.

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7 Must-Knows When You’re Choosing an Internet Provider

Wow. Overwhelm. That can be the feeling when you first wade into the rushing river of information about choosing an internet provider.

In some ways, all that information is a good thing because it means you have choices. Many people now have five or six options when they choose their internet service providers. If you live in a major metropolis like New York City, you may have over 60 internet providers spread across different boroughs!

So where do you start? Here, you’ll find 7 must-know factors to help you choose the internet provider that is best for you.

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Slow Internet at Night and How to Fix It

You’ve just finished a long workday, and you’re looking forward to relaxing on the couch with a snack and some web browsing.

Catching up on the day’s news and entertainment will help you switch gears and start off your evening with a laugh or two. But when you get on your tablet, things don’t go the way you hoped.

Screens aren’t loading, and they’re timing out. Videos won’t start. You have entered the maximum frustration zone. . .when you get slow internet at night.

So what can you do about it? First, it helps to understand the possible reasons for your slow internet connection. Once you’ve figured out what might be affecting your internet performance, you can try a few quick solutions to fix slow internet.

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How to Transfer Internet Service When Moving

Moving to a new address can feel like the perfect storm. But knowing how to transfer internet service can make moving a lot breezier. Follow these steps for a smooth move, and get your best option from your internet service provider.

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How To Get Internet While Traveling

Internet access has transformed travel with helpful information only a click away. When you’re traveling, an internet connection can supply you with maps, resources, and assistance. Getting online can often be even more important to you as a traveler than when you’re at home.

In this guide, you’ll learn ways to get on the internet no matter where you’re headed. Maybe you’ve just landed your first remote work position, and you’re going to hit the road with your laptop. Maybe you’re a student traveling for a semester abroad in Europe. Or maybe you’re just taking a much-deserved vacation to sit on the beach sipping a cold drink. Here’s an easy summary of all the best internet options for travelers of all kinds.

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The Best Internet Options For an RV

More people than ever are hitting the open road to experience the freedom of the RV lifestyle. But in our wired world, finding a reliable internet connection is crucial when you’re traveling. New RV internet options let you wake up to a remote mountain vista or a beach view while you stay connected with the internet speed you need.

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